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E: [email protected] | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803
E: [email protected] | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803

Emergency Machine Repair Specialists

Breakdowns – Urgent Repairs

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Got A Machine That’s Broken Down?

Don’t let the failure of your equipment bring your business to a standstill. Give us a call right away and one of our fully trained technicians will arrive on site within 48 hours, to fix your machine and minimise downtime that’s costing your business.

Our repair experts are qualified to service a range of different metal manufacturing equipment and brands, keeping spare parts on hand for speedy repairs.

Meng Solutions Offer Full Service & Support

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What’s Involved

We complete a thorough check of your machine to determine the cause of the problem

The machine is then cleaned and lubricated to minimise wear and damage, prolonging the life of the machine

Broken components are evaluated and fixed on site with top quality parts

We then apply a preventative maintenance program to rid your machine free of gunk and dirt that may lower its production efficiency

The machine is then tested to make sure all components run smoothly after new parts have been installed or fixed

We then evaluate the integrity of your machine, and provide advise on what you can do to keep your machine in good running condition, to avoid unexpected interruptions in your production

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We Repair And Service Different Manufacturing Equipment, Including:

Guillotine - Meng Solutions


Our service team regularly work resolving issues with metal cutting guillotines such as

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Band Saw

Our service team regularly work resolving issues with band saw machines such as

And We Specialise In The Following

Cold Saw

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Metal Folder

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Metal Lathe

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Milling Machine

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Pan Brakes

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Press brake

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Punch and Shear

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When your equipment breaks down, your production suffers. Don’t let it happen to you. Get in touch with us

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Why Choose Us?

Meng Solutions is experienced in working with Japanese, Taiwan and European machinery. With over 30 years of experience in metal machine repair and manufacturing, Meng is able to save businesses time and money on sourcing spare machine parts.

Many times the parts are hard to locate or take extended periods of time to import into the country. Meng has an in house machine workshops where they can machine spare parts of clients machines. This helps minimize downtime and saves them money on delivery and transit costs.

Benefits You Can Expect

Fast & Efficient Repair

With over 30 years experience, we can be fast and efficient with our repair to help you minimise machine downtime

Prevent Future Breakdowns

We assist in preventing unforeseen future breakdowns that can be extremely costly for your business

After Repair Support

We provide after repair maintenance support, so if you’re machine decides to break down following one of our emergency repairs, we will happily revisit you free of charge

You Can Rely On Us

You can depend on our professionalism and reasonable costs to keep your production line running

Fully Qualified Team

All of our technicians are fully qualified and super friendly, ready to provide you with great service

Brands We Service

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Areas We Service

We service all of Melbourne metro and specific locations in regional Victoria.

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