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Industrial Food Processing Equipment Breakdown Repair & Maintenance

Prevent and reduce machine downtime.

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Don’t Let Machine Downtime Bring Your Business To A Stand Still

With food processing machines being highly prone to breaks, it’s our job to keep your equipment running smoothly, so your production can operate efficiently.

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Emergency Repair (For Breakdowns)

If your food processing machine/s are in need of emergency repair, then give us a call and one of our technicians will arrive on site within 48 hours.

Our repair experts are qualified to service a range of different food processing equipment and brands, keeping spare parts on hand for speedy repairs.

If your machine is unable to be repaired on site, our technicians can manufacture the part you need within our workshop.

We are offering a Free $125 Service
call for new customers only.

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Preventative Maintenance (On-going servicing)

Our high-level preventative maintenance program is designed to keep your machine running for longer, minimizing wear and tear so it can continue to perform at it’s very best. We service and repair range of Food Processing machines onsite, including.

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Dough mixers

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Conveyor belts

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Food and packaging machines

Our preventative maintenance program can be scheduled based on your needs, either through Machine Output Schedules or Fixed Service Contracts.

What’s Involved In Our Maintenance Program

We complete a thorough check of your machine to determine the cause of the problem.

Broken components are evaluated and fixed on site with top quality parts.

The machine is then tested to make sure all components run smoothly after new parts have been installed or fixed.

The machine is then cleaned and lubricated to minimise wear and damage, prolonging the life of the machine.

We then rid your machine free of gunk and dirt that may lower its production efficiency.

We then evaluate the integrity of your machine, and provide advice on what you can do to keep your machine in good running condition, to help you avoid unexpected interruptions in your production.

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Benefits Of Our Preventive Maintenance Program

Fast & Efficient Servicing

With over 30 years experience, we can be fast and efficient with our service to help you minimize machine downtime.

Prevent Future Breakdowns

We assist in preventing unforeseen future breakdowns that can be extremely costly for your business.

You Can Rely On Us

You can depend on our professionalism and reasonable costs to keep your production line running.

Work With A Fully Qualified Team

All of our technicians are fully qualified and super friendly, ready to provide you with great service.

Done By The Book

We update all service records, which can help maintain warranty and guide future technicians into knowing which parts were serviced at certain time intervals.

Food Processing Brands We Specialize With

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Please note* – we are happy to take a look at your machine even if it’s not listed above.


Andrew Shead - Tasman Chemicals
Andrew Shead - Tasman Chemicals
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Meng solutions has assisted us with repairs to our ageing plant equipment, covering a wide variety of equipment and offering flexible and economic options to support our diverse production requirements.

Andrew Shead - Tasman Chemicals
Darell Fricker - Apprenticeships Group Australia
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Meng solutions has provided a preventative maintenance program and breakdown service for AGA’s Victorian workshop machinery over the past two years, their service has been prompt, professional and diligent.

Darell Fricker - Apprenticeships Group Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between your emergency repair or preventative maintenance program?

If your machine is broken down and unable to be used, then we suggest calling us for an emergency repair service. If your machine is still working, and you’re wanting to have it serviced, please book in our preventative maintenance program.

How often will you come out to service my machines?

We can either service your machines based on their output schedule, or write up a fixed contract with specified dates. We will liaise with you to work out what time is best (off-peak) to service your machines.

Areas We Service

We service all of Melbourne metro and specific locations in regional Victoria.

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