Maintenance Proposal

Regular preventative equipment maintenance is all about avoiding costly production delays due to unexpected issues on your equipment.

That’s why when you choose to have a machine maintenance proposal with us, we’ll create for you a maintenance program that’s specifically built to suit your unique requirements.

The proposal is a combination of documents, easy-to-follow procedures, and schedules that will ensure that all your equipment are kept at optimum efficiency, so you can prevent breakdowns and stay productive all the time.

When it comes to performing our preventative maintenance procedures, you can trust us to check all your equipment with rigorous precision. That way, the results you get meet or even exceed your requirements.

We currently implement our machine maintenance proposal in a range of institutions and factories, including Apprenticeship Group Australia, Victoria University, and Bohler Australia.

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We pride ourselves in treating you, our customer, as our partner. That means we’ll treat your equipment as our own and provide them with the care they deserve at a price you can afford. And because we take every measure to provide you with long-lasting solutions, you know you won’t have to call us again for the same problem.

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