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E: | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803
E: | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803

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From performing urgent repairs on your equipment to ensuring that it runs smoothly and safely, you can rely on our suite of services that put your needs and your safety first.

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Programmed Preventative Maintenance

Meng Solution

Avoid breakdowns with your equipment before they happen with our programmed preventative maintenance service. It’s quick, professional, and affordable, so you can stay safe and productive at all times.


Breakdown Maintenance

Equipment breakdowns bring your operations to a grinding halt. But with our breakdown maintenance service, we’ll help you get back to work as quickly as possible, be free from hefty repair costs, and avoid experiencing the same problem again.

Maintenance Proposal

maintenance-proposal - Meng Solutions

We know your equipment maintenance needs differ from other companies. With our maintenance proposal, we’ll provide you with a custom maintenance program that’s professional, affordable, and meets your exact requirements.

Safety Advice & Support

Safety Advice - Meng Solutions

Maintenance Engineering Solutions is your partner in safety. With our safety advice and support service, we’ll provide you with clear and simple procedures you can follow to keep your workplace safe and accident-free.

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Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803

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