Welding could be a very rewarding career for many tradesman with the skills to achieve the required quality and standards in the construction site, metal fabrication and many fields requiring this kind of process.

Welding process also could be dangerous. So, some safety consideration must be taken during the process.

Welders must always be aware of the danger not only for themselves but also for the people in the vicinity area.

For these reasons, any factory requiring a welding process needs to have welding isles, or cabins.

In any welding process, the following safety gears must be used:

  • Welding mask or googles (oxy welding)
  • Long gloves (welding gloves)
  • A leather jacket (welding jacket)
  • Safety shoes
  • Long sleeves clothes and trousers
  • Also, a special curtain must cover the welding area.

If welding is done in a factory on a casual basis, for safety reasons, it is also good practice to consider a “Hot welding process permit”. This permit allows the welder to evaluate the risk of fire as a consequence of a spark in the area. The risk assessment performed prior to welding in the area, must consider the removal of all combustible materials.

Eye protection always must be consider in any welding process. The proper precautions can protect welders and those around them from eye injuries. It is mandatory that all welders have the proper training, so that they know the risks and what to do to minimize those risks.

Welding always must be completed in a reasonable clean and tidy area.

The most common injury for welding process include:

  • Electric shock
  • Manual handling of heavy components
  • Burns ( by direct fire)
  • Eye damage for highly irradiated light
  • Explosions (poor maintenance to high pressure cylinders)
  • Irradiation burns

WorkSafe Australia have all the recommendations to prevent the most common accidents in the welding process, but the most basic is common sense.

(Go to – WorkSafe Victoria and search for “welding Process”, follow the prompts)