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TIG welding is very common required on site because not many shops have a good TIG welder operator, especially in the food industry where TIG welding of stainless steel is very often required.
The finish on food welding require a surface extremely clean and neat without porosity to avoid bacteria, something that a good TIG welding operator can achieve with the proper conditions.

TIG welding on site require some extra skills because the operator must adapt his/her process to the different conditions for a specific job. In these case the selection of pressure gas Gas Tungsten inert – Argon), perfect clean conditions of the welding area, the electrode, position for welding, etc.


During the TIG welding process you have to dip feeder material in a continuous and steady pace and at the same time keep the torch in the correct angle also keep the correct distance from the working piece, in a way that the melting “ball” can run over the welding surface continuously without interruptions in an even way.

It is recognise that TIG welding is one of the most challenge method of welding to learn, because it requires a perfect balance of the elements that produce a good results, such as temperature (amps control) amount of gas (Argon) , selection of the electrode, surface preparation and an steady and perfect movement of your hands, with a constant and perfect distance from the work piece.

You need high-quality sense of balance together with the aptitude to make use of both of your hands simultaneously.
Most TIG welding operator recognises that the TIG weld excellence is very reliant on keeping the quality and shape of the tungsten tip. Extremely important to obtain the result of a perfect TIG welding process. Weld set up data is significant with automatic TIG welding applications.
Tungsten life is enhanced with a start rise up from a low current start point then rise to the operating current.


The biggest advantage of TIG welding is that if done properly is very strong, without cracks, very common on other welding method. Also the surface finish is nicer, smooth and clean if the process was done correctly.
The other important advantage is that is possible to join very thin material, something impossible to achieve with MIG or arc welding.


The proper amount of safety measures that are generally taken while doing any welding methods are constantly recommended in TIG welding as it could be hazardous if done in a slapdash fashion.

The welding transports a great amount of light and if the eyes are openly exposed, it results in the flaming of retina called as arc-eye. So, you need some gears that will protect your eyes from being exposed to intense levels of light.
The entire body ought to be correctly enclosed throughout welding as the “out in the open” light brings UV radiation that is damaging to the skin. Safety must always be your first concern if you want to obtain a perfect result.

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