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Safe and Worry-Free Packaging with Saimo Metal Detector Conveyors
Ensuring your products match your specifications in terms of weight, we offer an automated check weighing machine. This accurately weighs your products and automatically removes those that are under or over the weight you specified. With its fully-automated operation, you can increase your productivity and avoid human errors. The machine that we offer is built with simplicity in mind. Its user-friendly operating system ensures that your team will learn how to use it quickly, so no time is wasted in endless hours of training. Its stainless steel construction also gives you exceptional durability and reliability, while reducing your cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our check weighing machine is perfect for a wide range of applications because it can weigh anything from bags, trays, boxes, and everything in between. You also have an option depending on your requirements for accuracy and speed, as our machines can weigh items from 0.5kg to 50kg at a rate of up to 200 products per minute.
Customisable to Your Needs
Our metal detectors come with a number of options that enable you to tailor-fit them to your specific requirements whether you’re in baking, food handling, pharmaceuticals, and everything in between. The ADM-MD model, for example, allows you to store up to 99 settings for exceptional flexibility and a digital display for easy access to information and settings. The ADM-MDC, meanwhile, has a wider passing width than the ADM-MD, adjustable conveying angle of 0-40 degrees, and a dual gate detection system, among its various features.
Keeping Your Products Safe All the Time
When the safety of your products is critical, our metal detectors will be there to get rid of unwanted objects from getting in the mix. It can handle a range of package styles, including bags, trays, cartons, and plastic containers. You can even use it on raw or cooked products placed on a food-grade belt. With their ability to detect up 0.8mm ferrous particles, and their built-in alarm system, you know that our products deliver, particularly when you’re in the business of:




Dairy Products


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