Punch and Shear Prevenative Maintenance

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Step 1:
Turn the machine off from the main power point and fit your tag??? Out of Order??? , to avoid someone can try to use the machine during your maintenance procedure.

Step 2:
Open all the cover (and remove if required) at the top of the machine to verify conditions of the blades and punch.

Step 3:

  • Punch: this must be check for any damage on the male and female side.
  • Replace the punch if necessary.
  • Rod cut blades: verify its conditions
  • Angle cut blades : verify its conditions

Step 4:

  • Check the conditions of the pedal cable.
  • Replace if it is in poor conditions or repair it if possible to do so.
  • Clean the pedal.

Step 5:
Open the lower cover and check for any oil leaking.(Pump enclose)

  • Check level of hydraulic oil.
  • Clean all the enclosed area around the hydraulic pump.
  • Check all hydraulic hose for, leaking, damage, tear or wear.
  • Repair immediately any existing leaking.
  • Put back all the lower cover

Step 6:

  • Lubricate the machine in all its lubrication point.
  • General purpose grease should be use it.
  • To lubricate you must consider an average of 120 hours of use.
  • Verify conditions of components to lubricate before lubricating.
  • Some point could require weekly lubrication.

Step 7:

  • Check the main power cable for its conditions. If it is damaged, must be replaced.
  • Verify conditions of all external switches.
  • All switch with damage must be repair or replace it.
  • Check conditions of all limit switches. They must be strong in position. A loose or damage limit switch can generate a continuous fault on the machine.

Step 8:
Put all cover back and plug the machine on its power point.

Step 9:
Take some piece of metal, flat off cuts, and test the machine.

Step 10:
Ask to the operator for any possible unusual sound or possible fault.

Step 11:
Clean exterior of the machine. Avoid scrap metal can be stored on top of the machine

Step 12:
Report activity in your lodge document


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