Step 1:

Turn the machine off from the main power point and fit your tag??? Out of Order??? , to avoid someone can try to use the machine during your machinery maintenance procedure.

Step 2:

Lubricate the machine on all its lubrication points.
Refer to the recommended period of lubrication given by the fabricator.
If you don’t have this information, lubrication is recommended every 120 hours of work.
Some points will require daily or weekly lubrication.

Step 3:

Hydraulic components:

  • Check conditions of hydraulic pump (normally at the top of the machine) for leaking.
  • Check all hydraulic hoses and or pipe for any leaking or damage.
  • Check main rams (hydraulic rods ) for any leaking or damage
  • Any leaking must be fixed immediately.

Step 4:


  • Check the main power cable for its conditions. If it is damaged, must be replaced.
  • Verify conditions of all external switches on control board.(applicable for all models)
  • All switch with damage must be repair or replace it.
  • Check conditions of all limit switches. They must be strong in position. A loose or damage limit switch can generate a continuous fault on the machine.

Step 5:

Check conditions of punches ( tools) and tools holder.
All punches must be perfect aligned with die and firmly attached to its holder

Step 6:

Different machineries will have different encoders, but the purpose (keep a balance on the length of the stroke in both sides) is the same.
The best way to check if the encoder is working properly is to bend similar piece of materials in both ends of the machine at the same time and compare the angle bended.

Prepare the above test and if you find a discrepancy between the angles
In the samples bended, adjust the encoder bar until you get the same angle of bending in both side of the machine.

Refer to the manual of the machine to proceed, because different brands will have different encoder and different way to adjust them.

Step 7:

Back gauge
Verify that back gauge in good conditions.
Set up the press brake to a fixed distance, 100mm or closet , and check if the distance from the centre of the die is as was prefixed.

Step 8:

General mechanic check:
Visual inspect the machine and test bolts holding the wiper seal of main ram.