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E: [email protected] | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803
E: [email protected] | New Location Address: Factory 13 / 116 – 118 Abbott Road Hallam VIC 3803

Plastic Injection Moulding Repair Service and Maintenance

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Plastic Injection Moulding Repair Service and Maintenance

Our team is comprised of people who have extensive experience in the moulding repair business. Our relevant background in the industry is your assurance that we can efficiently cover your needs for on-site emergency or contract evaluation, repair, diagnosis or refurbishing of your specialty industrial plastic injection molding machineries.

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We’ve got you covered on the following:

If we don’t have in stock any particular material or parts that your machine requires, we can source them for you in no time.

We follow the ISO quality standards, and do so by adhering to their parameters and inspect all applicable processes.

Alongside this, we can also provide you with a continuous maintenance program so as to optimize the service life of your machineries and ancillary equipment.

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Reliable Injection Moulding Machine Repair

We perfectly understand how frustrating it can be when there is an unpredictable break down and it is not possible to deliver the production target as required by our customers.

In order to prevent and avoid these breakdowns we can offer routine maintenances to keep all your plastic injection moulding machineries running in a very reliable manner.

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Competent Staff and State of the Art Equipment

We achieve and offer excellence to our clientele by investing in the most recent equipment, technology, and personnel. We mark our distinction from the competing repair shops by keeping ourselves up-to-date with the industry’s best practices and employing only state-of-the-art equipment.

Upon receiving your request to repair or complete a general maintenance on your molding machine, we will give it a careful inspection and examine both its dimensional and finish integrity.

We’ll also take a look at your mould’s history and give your best recommendations. This may include:

Ease of Communications

What we are aiming to provide our clientele is more than just the best tools and equipment, we are also big in giving great customer service. We have proven ways to exceed your expectations and keep you abreast of whatever is happening to the mold repair, revision or maintenance project you delegated to us to handle.

Indeed, the centre of our attention and energy is on the quality and timely service that will help your team get back into production in a snap.

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From simple frames to sophisticated solutions, we can help you!

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Documents forming part of this proposal include:

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