Step 1:

Turn the machine off from the main power point and fit your tag??? Out of Order??? , to avoid someone can try to use the machine during your machinery maintenance procedure

Step 2:

Hydraulic pump and hoses.

  • Open the lower cover and check for any oil leaking.
  • Check level of hydraulic oil.
  • Clean all the enclosed area around the hydraulic pump.
  • Check all hydraulic hose for, leaking, damage, tear or wear.
  • Repair immediately any existing leaking.
  • Put all the covers back

Step 3:


  • Lubricate the machine in all its lubrication point.
  • General purpose grease should be use it.
  • To lubricate you must consider an average of 120 hours of use.
  • Verify conditions of components to lubricate before lubricating.
  • Some point could require weekly lubrication.

Step 4:


  • Check the main power cable for its conditions. If it is damaged, must be replaced.
  • Verify conditions of all external switches.
  • All switch with damage must be repair or replace it.
  • Check conditions of all limit switches. They must be strong in position. A loose or damage limit switch can generate a continuous fault on the machine

Step 5:

Put all cover back and plug the machine on its power point.

Step 6:

Take some piece of metal, and test the machine.
Verify that angle folded is correct. If there are some difference, adjust the machine to obtain proper accuracy.
Ask to the operator for any possible unusual sound or possible fault.