Justify the investment:

The process of procurement for a new software must be done with a proper research process that can make the investment really worthy.

First at all you must have enough machinery to control that can justify this magnificent tool, in order to collect data and costs in best way possible and detect recurrent problems.

The software will help us to track and control maintenance of all equipment; this can make the business operation more effective, productive and profitable.

There are many free trial version offer in the internet, so don’t forget to tray some of them to see which could be the most suitable software to your particular situation.

Cost control:

The main purpose of a maintenance software is to reduce the cost of maintenance buy a proper process of information control , but be careful if you feed the software with ‘rubbish” you will get a feedback of rubbish, so it is extremely important to know how the software work and you can get the maximum benefit from it. Keep a proper record of time and spare parts its cost and timing of the entire process of repair a particular problem.


Much industrial machinery maintenance software offer some unique and versatile module, so you must be careful in the selection of them, don’t buy modules that cannot be justify, you can finish with a very expensive software with many sleeping modules.


Get the proper training and if you not understand the use of any particle module, ask as many time is required until you fully understand, remember you or your company is paying, normally for a very expensive maintenance tool.

Local support;

During your research don’t forget to verify that the company have local support, so if you need a technician on site this can come in a reasonable time. Don’t scarify budget buying something cheaper but without local support, you will regret.

How to use it

Most maintenance software not only can control the life of your machineries but also production and row materials, stock control and many other requirements in any medium size organization.

It is of paramount importance that you have very clear were you are going to use your new control tool and give the proper training at least 3 members of your team.