One of the most important shearing and cutting equipment today, guillotines are used for a wide host of industrial applications in many facilities in Australia. These range from paper cutting to sheet metal manufacture. So when it breaks down, it merits immediate and efficient Machine repair to mitigate downtime and production loss. But where do you find such a quality guillotine service and repair in the country? Look for these markers.

Upholds industry standards.

In Australia, equipment safety regulations are mandated by each state. For instance, in Victoria, the law says that powered guillotines and other machinery must have functioning high integrity fail safe mechanisms to limit mechanical risks before, during, and after operation. In addition, Victoria has adopted the newer version of the Electrical Equipment Safety System. Your provider of guillotine service or repair in Australia should uphold existing industry standards, which are designed for optimal functionality and safety for handlers of powered guillotines and other related equipment.

To check if your prospective provider abides by the regulations, ask them pertinent questions about their specific approach to certain prescriptions for machine safety.

Employs an experienced and professional staff.

Guillotine service and repair entail technical considerations that should only be handled by experienced professionals. In addition, the life-cycle advantages that your organisation will glean out of your guillotine equipment depend on the quality of servicing and repairs that your machine will get.

To check if your prospective provider has enough necessary experience, ask them for a short background on their staff’s track records. Also ask about the scope of their previous work, as well as the specific industries that they have served. If a provider only has experience with, say, food processing facilities, for instance, and your organisation belongs to a different industry, their processes may not be able to meet your specific needs.

Has a long list of satisfied clients.

Finally, guillotine service and repair is best done by a company that has a solid history of always delivering. This will help assure you of results that are at par with stringent requirements, are known to contribute to higher productivity yields, and help prevent future instances for other repairs.

To check if your prospective provider is doing what is expected of them, do a little research and look into the quality of work that they have provided in the past. You may also ask them for a copy of their portfolio, so that you can get in touch with their previous clients.