In order to manage the cost of your business and the profitability of this, you normally take a long list of different items and their cost, including overhead, electricity, salaries, water, raw materials, etc. One of the cost that many people forget is, the cost of keeping their equipment running, not only the energy required but their maintenance. To be more specific is very unusual that a small business have a budget for maintenance, so is very difficult to know how much they spend to keep their equipment running, this make almost impossible to know when could be the right time to replace an old equipment.

Like any item inside of your shop, your equipment, guillotine, or packing machine or pumps etc , are subject to depreciation by use and by time, so there is a moment when the market cost of your equipment has been reduced to a point that their cost is insignificant, compare to the cost of keeping running. In this point you must think in replace those deteriorated equipment, you will save money and head hakes.

In a very old equipment it is extremely difficult to warranty a Machine repair, because can be repair in one section but next day will fail from another one and so on. Maybe the best way to know is it is worthy to repair an old equipment is tray to calculate its market cost, How much my equipment cost in the market like it is?, How much cost a properly repair?, with this two simple question you will know if it is really worthy to repair.

In more than 30 years of experience in the field of maintenance and 10 working independent have had found many business that prefer to close their eyes to the reality that they need to replace their old equipment, for the simple fact that they don’t want to compromise a lump sum or a budget to buy a new one.

One of the service that Meng Solutions offer is to keep records of maintenance, this simple task help our customer to know how much they spend on their equipment and we are prepared to give advice about to replace or repair at any moment when required.

Adolfo Trujillo