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Date issue : 24.08.15
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Step 1:

  • Turn the machine off from the main power point and fit your tag??? Out of Order??? , to avoid someone can try to use the machine during your machinery maintenance procedure
  • If the power cable or power point, is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorized electrician only.

Step 2:
Clean the machine completely, including coolant tank.
Top up with new coolant water.

Step 3:
Disc saw:
Check the conditions of the disc saw, broken tooth or excessive wear.
Replace the disc if required

Step 4:

  • Plug the machine back and run the machine for a couple of minutes to verify that the coolant pump is working properly.
  • Repair the pump if it is not working in good conditions.
  • Check the coolant hoses for leaking or any damage.
  • Replace the coolant hose if required.

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